Sam Bassett

Samuel Bassett is a British artist born in Cornwall in 1982. He currently works from the prestigious Porthmeor Studio complex in St. Ives.

His artworks display a boundless zeal, sharp humor, and honest pathos made with creative, experimental, freedom. His language of mark-making varies from raw sweeping gestures to draughtsman-like drawn or sgraffito schematics...

His dexterity enables him to effortlessly capture scattered images of his inner monologue - often erratic, often pinpoint. The ups and downs. The highs and lows. His paintings could be described as a form of ‘psychological cubism’, where the inner and the outer self reveal themselves and coalesce. His autobiographical work maps a fast-paced and over-active mind searching for the personal and universal meaning and in turn, reflects both positive and negative concerns about 21st-century society and the wider human condition.

His most recent works imbue a deep-rooted connection to place, the sea, and landscape, as well as community and heritage. The localised placement of these cautionary tales become allegorical for broader more universal hopes and wider loss, fear, and disconnection.

St Ives has been his family’s home since 1695. The artistic traditions of the town had an undoubted influence over his development, but his Grandfather, a fisherman by trade was also a keen amateur painter, as was his other Grandfather in Newlyn. The young Bassett was supported early on with encouragement and painting materials. Bassett’s studio space is part of a complex that coincidently sits above his Grandfather’s former net loft. He studied in Bournemouth, England, and then lived in London but the pull of the sea brought him home. In addition to his own practice, Bassett founded LETH projects, a curatorial platform for emergent artists. Bassett has exhibited internationally including four solo exhibitions at Anima Mundi, a solo exhibition at Kornfeld Gallery in Berlin and solo presentations at START at the Saatchi Gallery in London and CODE Art Fair, Copenhagen. Works are held in an increasing number of collections worldwide including the acquisition of the work ‘Lost Karensa’ by Tremenheere Sculpture Park which is permanently exhibited alongside James Turrell, Kishio Suga, Richard Long, and David Nash among others. Bassett has been featured in numerous articles included Christie's magazine and The New York post which is indicative of a notable and rapid increase in the artist's popularity and ambition.