Jon Paul Cooke At Work

John Paul Cooke

John works as a professional artist. His love and passion is in abstract art. With an unrestricted approach, he creates passionate, colourful art, derived from everyday visual experiences.

A large proportion of his paintings are inspired by the bright Cornish light of S.Ives and the earthy tones of the Peak District where he grew up.

The dramatic use of colour, texture and form illustrates his desire to ‘capture the moment’ and to stimulate the voyeur with emotion or reaction. With his very distinctive style, technique and approach there emerges a carefully constructed and unique piece of art.

Note from Anna… John is a truly stunning painter who for me captures Cornwall’s beauty, unique landscape and light. When I arrive to work in the gallery I always pause take breath and think to myself …incredible, I see something different every time, a hint of emerald green, a movement, a reflection… being from the far south west its easy to get lost in these dreamy paintings.

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