Gwen Vaughan Portrait

Gwen Vaughan

Gwen’s curious creatures created in clay and clothed in cashmere, explore our relationship with animals and their anthropomorphism in childhood stories and fables, her menagerie evokes a sense of this nostalgia. Although primarily working in clay, Gwen saw no reason why she couldn’t indulge her love of textiles in her pieces. “I see it as a perfect marriage of my two passions”.

Gwen’s first jumper wearing creation was a polar bear, which she sculpted standing on his hind legs in a ‘fierce’ pose. On a cold winter’s day in the studio, she decided that he needed a little jumper. It made him look the exact opposite of fierce and Gwen immediately resolved to make jumpers for all her creatures.

Gwen has a Bachelor of Arts degree in ceramics from Cardiff School of Art & Design and a Post-graduate teaching qualification from the University of Exeter. She lives and works in Cornwall.

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