Laura Lane Ceramacist

Laura Lane

Laura Specialises as a Designer maker in Ceramics. At the heart of her work is the exploration of site-specific folklore in Cornwall, where she lives.this is expressed through the choice of materials, pattern & illustration. Folklore is about the every day and being reachable.

The work is hand thrown, brushed with the dark slip & then decorated using a sgraffito technique, before being dipped in a white tin glaze. These layers and brush marks that you can see represent the idea of storytelling being passed down through the generations, much akin to Chinese Whispers. some parts are brushed over and lost whilst other marks are clear for us all to see. The slate/blue colour is a reminder of the moors, skies and sea. All of these separate elements are pulled together with a pinch of fun using functional vessels as a canvas.

Note from Anna… Oh my goodness Laura is a pure delight and her unique ceramics embodies her akin to nature,family life and love of the land & her clay. Her smile and joy is infectious and this personality radiates into her wonderfully crafted ceramics.

The stoneware clay comes directly from the ancient pit in St Agnes just a few hundred yards from the sea, along with some of the key glaze ingredients of china clay and tin which played such a vital roll in Cornwall’s mining history.

Living on an organic small holding with her young family, the sense of sustainability, fair-trade, and keeping things local are key elements in her working as well as family life.

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